the station ... on the longest Heritage Railway in England ... for one of the most perfectly preserved medieval villages in England ... bliss!

A Walk to Blue Anchor

The walk is about 2 miles in length and will take around 45 minutes, and takes the walker along the beach from Dunster Station to Blue Anchor Station, offering some beautiful views along with the chance to take some very good photographs of the trains as they cross Ker Moor

Walk along the platform in the direction of Blue Anchor. At the end of the platform there is a narrow pathway that will take you alongside the railway line to Sea Lane level crossing

towards sea lane

At the level crossing turn left and walk along the lane until you reach the car park at the beach

sea lane
sea lane

Turn right and cross the River Avill by the small bridge, or you can always wade through along the beach route


Continue along the beach in the direction of Blue Anchor - in this section you will be able to see the trains as they make their way across Ker Moor

Ker Moor

Eventually you will arrive at Blue Anchor Station

Blue Anchor Beach

As you climb to the road you will see the level crossing gates of Blue Anchor Station

level crossing